Capturing the beauty of plants.

The skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and it absorbs almost everything we put on it.

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Our new products

  • 1. Terra
    1. Terra Ayurvedic Face Mask
    Terra in use
    2. Terra in use
    New Zealand
    3. New Zealand

    Terra Ayurvedic Face Mask

    Terra translates to earth and we capture the essence of this with our organic face mask which is a blend of ancient ayurvedic ingredients including aloe vera, seaweed, and turmeric that leave your skin glowing, clarified, and regenerated.

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  • 1. Luce Ayurvedic Body Oil
    Luce on skin
    2. Luce on skin
    Mexican shadows
    3. Mexican shadows

    Luce Ayurvedic Body Oil

    Luce is a blend of pure carrier oils including moringa seed, tomato seed, and hemp seed oil with a light scent of rose, frankincense and ylang ylang which helps to restore calmness while stimulating your senses. Adding Luce to your daily ritual may help skin cell regeneration, skin softening, and the healing of damaged or scarred tissue. 

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Our philosophy

Pure and intimate.

Every Basium scent is hand made in small batches and is created to evolve on your skin depending on your bodies chemistry, whilst providing countless therapeutic benefits.

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Made with organic ingredients that are good for the environment, grower and consumer.

Without overharvesting any plant species or adding any synthetics.

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