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What goes on the body should be as pure as the body itself.

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    1. Flora Perfume Oil
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    Flora Perfume Oil

    A euphoric and uplifting scent that alters your emotional state in a positive way. This blend is clean and light with a citrus rise. Petitgrain and jasmine's refreshing floral notes harmonize with grapefruit's main component limonene, which stimulates and creates a sense of clarity.

    Therapeutic properties: aphrodisiac, may help to shift blocked energy, may reduce depressive symptoms 


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  • 1. Terra
    1. Terra Ayurvedic Face Mask
    Terra in use
    2. Terra in use

    Terra Ayurvedic Face Mask

    Terra translates to earth and we capture the essence of this with our organic face mask which is a blend of ancient ayurvedic ingredients including aloe vera, seaweed, and turmeric that leave your skin glowing, clarified and regenerated.

    Therapeutic properties: anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, nourishing

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The power of scent

Inhaling essential oils or natural perfume oils are known to stimulate our limbic system which is the area of our brain that is linked to regulating emotions, breathing, stress responses and hormone balancing. This is why aromatherapy is a great and easy way to enhance your wellbeing
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Our philosophy

Pure and intimate.

Every Basium scent is hand made in small batches and is created to evolve on your skin depending on your bodies chemistry, whilst providing countless therapeutic benefits.

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Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients that are good for the environment, grower and consumer.

Without overharvesting any plant species or adding any synthetics.

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